Italian synergies

Italian synergies

Zanette group  is a strong and innovative European leader in the production of prefabricated concrete façade systems. The precast high quality panels are built into a cell with glass and aluminum by Bluesteel, world leader in the construction of continuous facades. This match of different technologies and skills gives life to an innovative and advantageous building system called Blue Premium, which offers new architectural possibilities with qualities and economic benefits delivered only from an industrial production.
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Quality control

Unitized panels are produced following ISO 9001 quality rules. Each panel has a unique code and a dedicated checking list, to facilitate inspection during and after production.

Transport – Shipping - Installation

The panels are moved from the factory to the site by containers or trucks. Skilled site managers are full time on site for coordination between design and installation phases. They gives instruction to the installation teams and check the correct execution of the activity, in order to give the best final results to our customers.

After sale assistance

A specialized team gives to our client the best assistance also after project completion, with a collaborative approach that assures our services directly on site.


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